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That rule is: If you don't Like it Then Don't Comment or Favourite the work.. Simple As That!!

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Hmm.. i forgot, I just passed my 10th Year as a member of Deviantart... 

So.. let's see now.. 943 submissions on my gallery. 36,246 Comments and 148,699 pageviews, all in a 10 year stretch. 

Not bad for a guy who has had his turmoils in life huh..
On route to Dublin airport, getting ready for my trip to Bulgaria for the next few days. Just sitting on the bus right now.
Mega Family Convention
"Out at a convention in Clarkson City, the mega family of Ilana Beckett, Corey Bennett, Diego Bennett and Lithius Bennett decided to go into a superhero themed costume contest, where all four together dressed as different superheroes, Ilana dressed as Supervixen in her original designed suit, Corey dressed as the legendary Mighty Mouse, Diego dressed up as a retired superhero known as Marveldog and Lithius decided to dress up as a variation of the shortly known superpup. All four took to the stage together as an entry hoping they will win as a group. Knowing that their strong bodies can give them an edge against the competition."

This was from a sketch commission from MarcLeonhardt that features the Mega Mutt Lineage together in a picture for the first time, having them together dressed up as superheroes, Initially it was gonna have Corey, Diego and Lithius dressing as their superhero forms, but with Ilana dressed as Supervixen so I have changed it to have the family dressing as other superheroes. It would fit the idea better.

Original Sketch -…

Supervixen belongs to superbabsy123
Mighty Mouse belongs to Paul Terry
Marveldog is a fan superhero I created
Superpup is a variation of Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster 
Well it's that time again guys, we have crossed over the threshold of the disaster of a year 2016 and entered into 2017.. Even though it's a new start.. we are going to be going headlong into a donald trump run country in the usa.. Still lets hope there won't be as many deaths and devastating things going on.

Still let's hope we can get through 2017.

Happy New Year to all of you here on Deviantart!
As you know, My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic has gone on for six seasons, three equestria girls movies, a comic series and a movie is coming up. But frankly there has been somethings on the show that have been dropped or likely discarded from the series which frankly need to be brought into the next season. So these are my speculations on what we could have in the next season to be used.

1. King Sombra - Okay, hear me out on this one. As you guys know King Sombra has had the least time being a villain for the show as he mostly was used as a threat against the mane 6 as he used his magic to try and break in and take over the crystal empire, however in the end of the two episode arc, he was destroyed and his unicorn horn was still intact. But it's got me wondering, is he really dead? Could he be able to be revived in a form of a crystallised horn, that some normal pony would come up and be possessed when they pick it up pretending to be a unicorn only for the horn to possess the victim to become the reborn Sombra who would go to Ponyville to find spike and capture him for restoring the crystal empire? Or would Queen Chrysalis find it and brings him back to live and join forces together? It would be interesting to see that happening.

2. Castle of the Two Sisters - Right, this is something that needs to be given another return or even a plot, I mean seriously this was the starting point on when Celestia and Luna both had their differences on the day and night duties of the princess when Luna became Nightmare Moon. Heck even in the season 5 finale we got to see what Nightmare moon's influence on the castle would look like and it looked stunning even in the season 4 episode "Princess Twilight Sparkle" We got to see the castle on what i looked like in it's peak before the battle began between Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia. And yet it was never return to after "Inspiration Manifestation" all the idea of having a shadow pony and the idea of having the past demons of Luna likely haunting the old castle could be a story plotline in the series but instead we just been given just two episodes featuring on the inside of the castle. Maybe the castle once restored begins to manifest the shadow ponies to life where the mane 6 and the princesses have to stop the growing manifestation.. I mean seriously the place was dropped in order to bring in the stupid palace of friendship when the castle of the two sisters should have been restored with the friendship harmony powers to it's former glory. I really hope the main cast return to the castle and a story arc forms from this involvement cause it's been left there and nobody is restoring the place and leaving a potential villain being left alone.

3. Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer met - Simple enough, Both Shimmer and Glimmer met up for the first time and both however are not friends at first, but something about the two soon connects them together and both become best buddies like Starlight and Trixie together. 

4. The Great War - Going back on the first point. Here me out on this idea, It takes place in the series finale of season 7 but rather than a 2 part episode, the series take on a special length 3 part finale where it has this, Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra come back and take revenge on the ponies that defeated them before however in a big war, where the evil changelings and sombras minions whom he takes over from other towns in equestria and makes a big army that go and attack ponyville as the mane six and the royal family try and defend their lands and defeat their most powerful enemies. It could also add in the diamond dogs and garble too.  It would be a fitting finale for season 7.

5. Mane Six Going Solo - Now this i know might not be a good thing but I think it should be given some ideal sense. We've seen the mane girls together for the six seasons and generally we got to see them start building up their lives on things, however I wanna see the mane six on their own little adventures, each having to deal with a problem they need to face alone once in a while or work on working more on what they want to accomplish, for example, Fluttershy is sent to solve a crisis with animals in a far off land or Applejack getting her family rolling on a new way to make money for the farm.

6. The Cake Family - As you know, the Cake Family have two kids of Pumpkin and Pound Cake, both a unicorn and a pegasus together, but something bothers me, Mr Cake claims that "
My great-great-great-great grandfather was a unicorn, and Cup Cake's great aunt's second cousin twice removed was a Pegasus." claiming that it makes sense.. Which i think is something that could be actually be cleared up or made into something interesting.. What if it turns out the Cakes, were actually a unicorn and a Pegasus, however they use magic to cover up their true identities. It would be quite a twist on who they are.

7. Spike's Heroism - As you know Spike is usually around to try and help Twilight and her friends whenever he needs their help, however what if we give spike a chance to grow up and give him something to do to be a better dragon, so how about we get him and princess ember together as part of an episode too as they work together and retrieving the sceptre from Garble who stole it from Ember. He gets more heroic as it happens and eventually we see him become an older version of himself, but not in his selfish way form, but on the verge of this dream self which rarity swoons over from his sudden change though he still helps twilight out more with his duties. 

8. Return of minor characters - Simple enough, get some of the minor characters back as part of the show, like Zecora.. Heck we should have an episode based with Zecora when they go to visit her native lands when they are in turmoil.

9. A new intro. - Yes I know this is usually the thing that the intro needs to be changed, but still it needs to be changed. I mean in an aspect, in a Japanese anime you'd be having at least an arc of episodes that have a theme tune set, however once that arc stops a new intro is placed into it about say 15 to 18 episodes in for the next arc of episodes. For this show, it's generally the same music but the intro changes in the variations, changing some scenes or adding in new characters.. Frankly I'd like for them to finally drop the intro they have done and allow themselves to be a bit more open for the show.. We got 6 seasons of footage that can be edited about or even base it around OblivionFall's fan made intro - [link]. Something that can be much more enjoyable to see rather than a rehash of the intro.

Generally those are my ideas.. It might have some farfetched ideas but hey you never know.. they could work.

If you wanna agree on these speculations then you can do so.

Yoshi Results
"Well Michael, You wanted to show me some results from your training then?", Yoshils says to his smaller brother who stands in front of him wearing a custom workout t-shirt.

"You want results big bro? Well what about this!", Michael says to Yoshils flexing his biceps, causing his workout shirt to stress and then his biceps popped his sleeves proudly.

"Well Well, you seem to be doing much better than i thought you'd do, however you can't compare to me Little Bro.", Yoshils says to her as he folds his massive arms against his chest.

"Well I'm doing it naturally big bro.. you got that special necklace to make yourself bigger.", Michael says to him before sticking his tongue out at his bigger bro.

This is a remade version of a commission myself and :iconyoshils: got from cartoonjunkie featuring Yoshils and Yoshichu together with Yoshichu having worked on a training session that Yoshils made for him.

My Christmas haul for this year!
Tsundere She-Hulk
"What.. It's not like I hulked out to save you from being crushed or anything... B-Baka.."

I just had to have a little fun with this one thinking what if a She Hulk character was a Tsundere character for a boy she liked.… <- Original sketch origin.
MegaMutt by Slickpuppy
As part of the super league badge series that Slickpuppy was doing, I decided to go in and get one from him. I gave a reference to my character Mega Mutt and it came out amazingly! Slick chose to do the character in a way Neal Adams did for Superman breaking out chains with ease.

Thank you SlickPuppy for an awesome badge/id

You can also favourite the original work on slickpuppy's gallery -…
Well it's that time again guys, we have crossed over the threshold of the disaster of a year 2016 and entered into 2017.. Even though it's a new start.. we are going to be going headlong into a donald trump run country in the usa.. Still lets hope there won't be as many deaths and devastating things going on.

Still let's hope we can get through 2017.

Happy New Year to all of you here on Deviantart!

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